Sports Edge! League Trends

A basic premise of trend based handicapping/predicting is that repeatable patterns exist and thus the situation two teams are in can sometimes impact the game outcome.  The assumption then is that teams in specific situations will respond similarly to how other teams behaved in the past.  League trends attempt to quantify such scenarios by tracking historical results of all games played by any two teams under conditions that are similar to today's game of interest.

Much like team trends, within Sports Edge!, you have the ability to create many trends based on a combination of variables revolving around Team Schedule, Prior Game Results,  and Performance (ability/class level). 

Trend results can be displayed based on 1st half, 2nd  half, or game results and records displayed can indicate Straight Up (WL), Cover/Fail (ATS), and Over/Unders counts.  Each trend record can be opened up to view the games that were included in the count.