Sports Edge! Graphs

Line charts are very useful in helping to visualize team patterns of game results and performance trending. Within several of the matchup screens that list chronological game data, a line chart is displayed based on one of several listed team stat values. Particularly useful is the W/L by point margin using a rolling avg which shows the relative strength of two teams that can be used to compare to the current game line.

Below is a recent game log chart for a NCAA Basketball game showing 8 game avg W/L margin over the prior 27 games.  The Red line tracks the road team and we can see that Miss St. coming into todays game (far right of graph) is trending upward while Tennessee (Blue line) is trending downward.  While schedule difficulty is a big factor in determing the chart pattern, the fact remains that when comparing the Home team (blue line) to the red line throughout the 27 game timeline, rarely is there ever a win loss spread average with the home team stronger than today's -9 point spread.  This is an indication of value with taking the road team, Miss St. and the points.

Since College sports are significantly dependent on the site location, it makes sense to also look at the Site Specific game chart as well.  Below is for the same game only this time only using past home games for the home team and past road games for the road team.  Again, here we can see that the home team is somewhat overvalued with a -9 pt spread.  End result, home team wins by 2 but does not cover the -9 spread.