Sports Edge! Features

  • Automatic daily updates of Game Statistics, Schedules, Lines using the Internet
    Sports Edge! does not require any data input, all lines, scoring and box score data are automatically updated via Internet connection.

  • Internal database of 5 Sports totalling over 300,000 games
    While this data is not extractable, it is visible and useable within the program.  Large history of games allows for better data sampling when viewing League trends and deeper historical matchup results.

  • Point spread history for NFL, NBA, NCAA Football going back 35 years for game lines. 1H and 2H lines going back to 2000 for all sports (except MLB).

  • 2nd Half Handicapping!   2nd Half wagering can present tremendous opportunities.   Advantage to player is that 2H lines are typically calculated via consistant formula based on 1H score and original game line.  This mechanical line often does not care how the first half played out and whether the score reflects which team is truly in control or which team got some big breaks.  Disadvantage to player though is limited time to evaluate and react (typically 10 min halftime). 

    From a data perspective, knowing 1H results can create very interesting and useful trend situations for 2nd halves. For example, if a road team has a WL% of 67%, home team WL% is 100% and road team is trailing by 14 pts at half, what is the 2H ATS historical record of similar past games?  Inside League Trends, a trend with WL% set to +/-9% and 1H WLby set to +/-1 the answer is Road team covered 11 and failed 3 for NFL and NCAA combined.  Who covered 2H in this example?  Road team which now makes the record 12-3 ATS.  These calculations take less then a minute once the live 1H score has arrived.  A sample set of 2H League Trends is provided with initial install of Sports Edge! and one can easily add more custom trends.

  • Practice Handicapping:  In the above example you might reasonably wonder: "How often does this technique win or lose?"  The answer involes a somewhat laborious task of manually flipping through games, making your selection and then checking your result.  With the "Show today's game results" checkbox visible throughout the program, you can simulate a live handicapping session by hiding any and all known results from the game being analyzed.  This is the only way to get a feel for the validity of the handicapping approach taken.

  • Customized Matchup Screens: The core of Sports Edge! is the various matchup screens that allow you to analyze games from multiple perspectives. While none of these screens present some new revoutionary handicapping technique, they all offer something you cannot get anywhere else: customization.  With Sports Edge!, you can customize both the calculation/filtering of data as well as the display configuration.  With a common game log viewer used throughout, you can create a familiar display used for all sports and leverage your handicapping skills in multiple sports.

Live scores available within Sports Edge!.