Sports Edge! Common Opponents

Schedule difficulty is a wild card in handicapping as it can skew the results and perceived strength of a team. This is particularly true in college sports which lack parity and allow for the very strong to face the very weak. Common opponents is a great way of comparing apples to apples.  With Sports Edge! Common Opponents matchup screen you can instantly get a season to date view of the common opponents for each team.

Sports Edge! goes a step further and allows for "site specific" results which filters to match the current site. For example, below you can see games where Penn St played teams on the road versus games where Ohio St. played the same opponents at home.  Ohio St won by an avg of 7.2 pts compared to Penn St losing by 5.8 pts.   That equates to roughly a 13 point advantage to Ohio St who was only favored by 6.5. Based on this, Edge goes to Penn St who easily covered winning by 14.